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Give the cherish memories to your customers, installing absolutely safe Giant Wheel Amusement Rides, Ranger Rides, Fantasy Boat Rides, Fun Columbus Amusement Rides, Swing Chair Amusement Rides, Disco Coaster Amusement Rides, Hang Glider Amusement Rides, etc. in your amusement park.. 

About Us

Theme parks are undoubtedly one of the best vacations spending destination. They are the perfect place to have fun, adventure and leisure time with family or friends. For making the people enjoy more at the amusement parts, we, Dream Tech Amusement, are working hard. We are a specialized manufacturer and supplier of several amusement park rides. Our product-line consists of modern Well of Death Amusement Park, Giant Wheel Amusement Rides, Ranger Rides, Fantasy Boat Rides, Dragon Train Amusement Park Fun, Columbus Amusement, Swing Chair Amusement Rides and Disco Coaster Amusement Rides. Additionally, we are offering Brake Dance Amusement Rides, Crazy Bus Amusement Park, Hang Glider Amusement Rides, Dashing Car Amusement Park, Revolving Tower Amusement Rides, etc. These are developed by our skilled engineers, keeping the fun as well as safety concern of the adventure lovers in mind. For perfectly fitting into the space of several amusement parks, we offer our products in several models, designs and specifications. Further, our products are provided to the customers after successfully clearing the stringent safety tests that are conducted by the international authorities. 

Quality Our Prime Focus

To be called as a successful company, quality of the products is something on which we give high importance. Under the observation of experienced quality inspectors, our amusement rides are engineered as per the national norms. These personnel make sure that all the production task including cutting, welding, edges smoothing, etc. of the rides are taking place with perfection. Further, they evaluate the developed rides in the modern testing wing on the grounds of their safety, construction, design accuracy, looks, performance, etc. 

Products Portfolio

We have made ourselves preferred choice of several amusement parks owners by meeting their requirements as a reliable manufacturer and supplier of the following:-
  • Brake Dance Amusement Rides
  • Chand Tara Amusement Park
  • Columbus Amusement
  • Crazy Break Dance Rides
  • Crazy Bus Amusement Park
  • Cyclone Coaster Amusement Rides
  • Dashing Car Amusement Park
  • Disco Coaster Amusement Rides
  • Dragon Train Amusement Park
  • Dragon Train Amusement Park Fun
  • Fantasy Boat
  • Fantasy Boat Rides
  • Fun Columbes Amusement Rides
  • Giant Wheel Amusement Rides
  • Hang Glider Amusement Rides
  • Joint Wheel Amusement Park
  • Ranger Rides
  • Revolving Tower Amusement Rides
  • Swing Chair Amusement Rides
  • Tora-Tora Amusement Rides
  • Trooper Ride Amusement Park
  • Well of Death Amusement Park
Facilities We Own

For having efficiency in execution of all the production and post-production tasks, we have built our modern infrastructure set up. Its wide space covers specific wings of quality checking, manufacturing, sales & marketing, research & development, accounting, etc., under a same roof. Our modern manufacturing wing is armed with hi-tech machines and tools that support in speedily making the adventure rides. After production, in the capacious warehouse, our products are safely stored in a categorized manner till the last time of dispatch.